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Thought of divorce and oath

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Dear Askimam, I have been married for quite some time now and I am content. Since the start of my marriage I have always been afraid of losing my wife due to my own stupidity or anger. Before we were married, I was a horrible person and that person honestly scares me…. read more »

Physical effects of bad dreams

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Muhtram mufti sahab Aslamo alikum My father dies 5 years back due to cancer. I often see him in my dreams and whenever he comes in my dream i suffer some kind of loss. Sometimes its financial loss.three months back i saw him in my dream he was lying somewhere and he asked me to… read more »

Seeing stool in a dream

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Asalamz  I am very worried about a dream I had , please can you interpret it for me  I entered a bathroom after my father and there was stool all over the toilet.What could this mean ?  Answer In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. … read more »

Cleaning up spilled motor oil

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I leaked some motor oil in the car and on my belongings.  It is very difficult to wash everything out completely.  I don’t know the ingredients of the motor oil but I know that animal products are very common in so many things in non-Muslim countries.  I am worried maybe I have to purify eveyrthing… read more »

Clarification of dream

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Assalamu alaikum, w.r.t Fatwa no. 37669, I have enquired enough about the girl in question. I have personally seen her once and like her. She did aalimiyat from a tableeghi jamaat affiliated madrasa for females. She is humble, caring, observes sharaee parda. Her family is also deendar. I haven’t heard anything negative about her…. read more »

Wife in Niqaab conducting business

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Assalaamualaikum ww. A good Muslim couple are working in the following manner. The husband sits in the shop and the wife who is in niqaab visits companies where she interacts with males and also sits alone with a male in his office for long periods to sell other items. Kindly advice if this is… read more »

Strange dream

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Asslam U Aleikum   My question is related to a dream i had a couple of days back which was weird and I cannot forget. The thing is I have had a tough life since I was a child and have been having dreams all my life but I never gave them any… read more »