My question is once my doctor fingered into my vagina during my pregnancy is ghusl wajib on me if no mani comes out. Shall I have to do ghusl because of fingering into my sharamgah? Even if my husband fingers me is ghusl wajib on me if only madhi comes out? (2) Can we stay in a house took on lease for e.g. a person gave me 3 lakh rupees and gave his house to me and said that whenever he returns that money I should give back his house to him is this allowed in Islam? (3) My next question is about aqiqah after slaughtering sheep of aqiqah is it compulsory to remove hair. I did my child’s aqiqah on 7th day and did not remove her hair so please let me know. (4) If a child dies should it be given ghusl in same way as that of adults I mean few weeks baby? (5) Is it correct that after a mayyat is given bath one should not touch it? (6) Is music haram in Islam?

1. What is the ruling in Islam if we have sex without realizing menses have started? It was after having sex that I had noticed there were stains on my clothes probably that my periods had just started and I didn’t realize. It wasn’t intentional at all. We are worried a lot because it is wrong in Islam to do such. We have removed sadaqah but is there a fixed Kaffarah. 2. If there’s a pregnancy as a result of such act, can we abort? Is it true that the child thus born will turn out to be eunuch or handicapped. Please reply me in the light of Quran and Hadith at the earliest.

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