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Can one remove Purdah?

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Asalamu alaikum, I started wearing the face veil many years ago as a student before I got married. However, for the last couple of years I’ve really struggled with wearing it and have now come to the decision to cease wearing it. I was never of the opinion that it was fardh… read more »

Can I text and talk to a non-Mahram?

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Assalam aleykum! Recently, I met online a Muslim guy that is convert. We are both serious about our relationship and we fears Allah. The thing is that we lived in 2 different countries. So to get to know more each other’s, we text and we also have talk on the phone. But now, I… read more »

Khawab ti taabir

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ek din raat maine istikhaara kiya nikah ke liye rahnumai ki garz se. ladki aalima ban rahi hai. raat ke akhiri hisse mein khwab me ye chize dekhin1) Main galiban barelwi maslak ki masjid me namaz padh raha hun and namaz k bad galiban imam ne unke maslak ki kuch kitabein muqtadiyon ko taqseem kin.kitabein… read more »


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Q: When reading salaatul istikhara, can one ask if a certain thing will be a success if done? Is it a valid question to ask? A: Istikhaarah is not done for these types of reasons. These types of matters should be referred to some righteous experienced aalim. And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.  … read more »

When should istikhaara be done?

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Q: Can you please tell me the ruling of offering Salaatul istikhaara. I have heard some scholars telling that it should be offered after you have decided to do the task/work. But it is generally said that it should be offered before doing any work. Can you please guide me? A: Istikhaara means to seek… read more »

The Sunnah method of making Istikhaara

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Q: What is the Sunnah method of making Istikhaara? A: Istikhaara means to seek goodness from Allah Ta’ala in the matter one wishes to embark upon. The Sunnah method of Istikhaara, mentioned in the Hadith, is that one perform two rakaats nafil salaah with the niyyat of Istikhaara. Thereafter, one should, with all sincerity, turn to… read more »