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What say the eminent muftis regarding the 401k plan, which is a fund instituted from the government, related to the retirement. Every month some of the income is deducted to deposit that amount in the fund, one can not touch that fund until the age of 59.5, so, the question is when some one receives that amount would he/she have to pay zakat on the received amount immediately or after a complete year of time.

if I paid zakat on my income in 2000 and in the year of 2001 there was no increase in my income; so, the money on which I already paid zakat, do I have to pay zakat again or not?

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I had bought a house in hyderabad, India last October. The flat is under final stages of construction. How can I calculate the zakat on this flat?

Some Ulamaa have mentioned that Income from Cigarette store are Makrooh. Also, some cigars has a flavor of Wine or Rum. Is it still considered as a halal.

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