What Is the Best Way to Put the Ego in Check? (Habib Umar bin Hafiz)

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Answered by  Habib Umar bin Hafiz

Question: Assalam aleykum

What is the best way to attain beneficial knowledge in such a way that puts the ego in check?

Answer: [Assalam alaykum]

Seeking Knowledge With Excellence

The best way to attain beneficial knowledge that puts the ego in check is: sincere focus, with humility, attentive listening, and concentration upon what is imparted to one, of the words of Allah or the words of the Chosen One (may Allah peace and blessings be upon him and his folk), assuming you find a teacher who is a “possessor of heart,” i.e. one who imparts this knowledge from his heart and soul.

Connecting to the Inheritors of Prophetic Guidance

This, along with connecting oneself to a chain of transmission that goes back to the Prophet and observing good manners, is the way we are familiar with from the Successors of the Companions (tabi’in), those who followed them, and those who followed them, until this day and age.

Knowledge is the Prayer of the Soul

For knowledge is not perfected with caprice or pride. Nor is the reality of knowledge acquired by studying, “so and so said”, or mastering legal scenarios. It is rather acquired through sincerity to the Most Great and Most High, and through approaching this endeavor with veneration, love, and longing to draw close to Allah (Mighty and Majestic) thereby, while also connecting one’s self to a chain of transmission to the Chosen One, Muhammad (may Allah peace and blessings be upon him and his folk). This is indeed the way to acquire beneficial knowledge that puts the ego in check and elevates it to high stations.

Translated by: Abdullah Alrajhy.

Habib Umar bin Hafiz  is a descendant of the Prophet (upon him be Allah’s peace and blessings). Born into a family of scholars, Habib Umar, pursued the sacred sciences from a young age, including Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, ‘Aqeedah, Arabic, and Spirituality. In 1994, he established Dar al-Mustafa, an educational institute in Tarim, Yemem.

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ما هو الطريق الأمثل للوصول إلى العلم النافع الرادع للنفس ؟

الطريق الأمثل للوصول إلى العلم النافع الرادع للنفس هو: إقبال صادق، بتذلل، وحسن إصغاء، واجتماع قلبٍ على ما يُلقى من كلام الله وكلام رسوله المصطفى محمد صلى الله وسلم وبارك عليه وعلى آله؛ إذا وجدت من يلقيه. وهو صاحب قلب يلقي ذلك العلم من قلبه، ويلقي ذلك العلم من فؤاده. والاتصال بسند العلم إلى النبي محمد مع حسن الأدب هو الطريق التي عرفناها في التابعين وتابعي التابعين وتابعي تابعي التابعين من خيار الأمة إلى عصرنا هذا، وإلى وقتنا هذا. فإن العلم لا يتفق مع هوى ولا مع تكبر، ولا تتحصل حقيقة العلم بالقيل والقال ولا بتصوُّر المسائل، ولكن بالإخلاص للكبير المتعال، وأخذِ الأمر بالتعظيم وبالمحبة وبالشوق إلى القرب من الله تعالى، مع الاتصال بهذا السند إلى المصطفى محمد؛ هو الطريق التي يحصل بها العلم النافع الذي يردع النفس ويأخذ بها إلى العلو

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