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How much is nisab of zakah and can charity be given from social benefit?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Salams, i hope this reaches you in the best of health. I would like to ask two questions regarding money which are:

1.Can money obtained by jobseekers benefit due to no job at the moment be used in the way of charity?

2. When does zakat become obligatory upon a person and how would zakat be calculated?.

Jazakallah for your time

Answer 1:

Yes, you can give charity from that money. You are the owner of that money. You can do what you like with it.

Answer 2:
Nisab means the minimum amount of wealth upon which Zakah is payable. It represents the guaranteed minimum financial floor above which an individual is deemed to be ‘Sahibe-Nisab’ (owner of wealth) and therefore liable to Zakah.

The Nisab limit was set by the Prophet (SAW) at 20 mithqal of gold or 200 dirhams of silver (7.5 tolas of gold and 52.5 tolas of silver). These measures are equivalent to 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver respectively. If a person only has gold as an asset, then the Nisab measure for gold must be used. If however the person has a mixture of assets, then the Nisab level for silver should be used.

To ascertain the current monetary equivalent of the Nisab limit, it is necessary to establish the market rate for a gram of gold and silver.

This can be obtained from www.goldprice.org The current market rate (June 16th 2012) for a gram of gold is £33.26 and £0.59 for a gram of silver.

Therefore the Nisab threshold for gold is approximately £2909.58 and for silver it is £361.29 (16/06/2012)

A person will only pay Zakah when his Zakatable assets – after adding and subtracting debts owed either to or from others – is equal to, or in excess of £361.29


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