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Women’s eyebrows

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Someone has asked a question about women being allowed to do there eyebrows and you have answered no? however in another question some one has asked if women are allowed to remove facial hair you have answered yes, I have done my eyebrows in the past as I was not aware it was not allowed and now they keep growing back so I have to keep doing them is this ok?


What I meant by facial hair was the beard and moustache.  If a woman’s beard grows then she has to remove it.  However, there is a clear hadith which says that a woman cannot mess around with her eyebrows or eyelashes.  If the eyebrows are joined above the nose, then some muftis allow the removal of only those hairs which are above the nose because they are not above the eyes and therefore not eyebrows.  However, others say that there is also a risk of going further and removing those which are above the eye, therefore avoiding it is better.  Do istighfaar regarding what has happened in the past and be careful in future.

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