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Meaning of Istibraa

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Does Istibraa mean it is faraz that when one goes to toilet for piss/urine then they have to stay for at least 25 minutes or can on get up earlier than that?

what are good methods of getting out urine which take long?


No, 25 minutes is a very long time.  Istibraa is just to make sure that there is no urine left in the urethra; this can be done within a few minutes.  This problem is normally for the old and not the young.

Use tissue paper – wrap it around the penis (istibraa is not for the females), stand up and walk for a little while, then go back and take out any droplets left by gently squeezing the urinary tract, then perform wuzu and pray.  Don’t be a shakki person, i.e. always doubting yourself.

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