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How can I stop shaitaani vibes?

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How can one stop Shataani vibes, and how can one differentiate between sexual appetite and Shataani vibes. Sometimes these vibes leads me to major sins. I’m not married I tried fasting but my problem is not during the day, but it is during the night. I get aroused during the night, which leads me to sins, and it is very mind troubling for me.

If someone fasts continuously it will ultimately have an effect on his physical, mental, and psychological being. The encouragement to people to fast continuously is not because they will not commit mistakes and sins while fasting. But the wisdom behind fasting continuously is to help diminish and control one’s animal, basal, carnal desires. By diminishing and lowering these animal desires it will be easy for him to be patient and withstand the difficulties that arise from this problem. Thus, if possible you should fast continuously; this should have an effect on controlling you desires. 
The arrival of thoughts and desires in people’s mind is natural, especially when someone is young and under the influence of an environment which encourages these things; but we should be careful not to act on these thoughts and desires. Keep yourself busy; and in the company of pious people. Stay away from those literatures, web sites, magazines, etc. or any activities which may encourage you to commit any sins. Inshallah, you will free yourself from these distractions and evil thoughts. If you feel the need to get married and you have the capacity to do so, then you should do so quickly; this will protect you and help you get over this problem.

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