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Can women cut hair because of lice ?

I wanted to ask you if a woman can cut her hair if she has too many lice in her hair and because of having very long hair it is impossible for her to pick them out, if not then what is the kufara for it ?
If the hair is small a person can have lice just as he/she can have it when it’s long. A person can’t shorten the hair due to lice. Unless something pressing is forcing it then you should present the case to local scholars and seek their permission. If, for some reason, one has cut one’s hair then one should do istighfar and there is punitive penalties. It’s also probable that if it was out of necessity then there won’t be any sin. But in the future one should stay away from stuff like this. You should use medicine to get rid of lice such that they would cease to exist and if they do they will die.

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