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How can I make my marriage legal in Islam if I never did a Nikha with my wife?

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As salaam walikum I have one kid and my wife was a Hindu girl and was perivously a call girl and now she can able to read little Al-Quran and she always perform salat. But one thing is that i have never do any Nikha with her but we both already accepted as husband and wife with our true heart. know the problem is that i told my parents that i did Nikha with her and my parents all believed me but now what i want to know is please show me how i must do to make it legal in islam I will be waiting for you reply

Allah hafiz

Bismihi Ta’ala

To make this relationship legal a valid Nikaah according to Shari’ah must take place.

For this, there must be the exchange of words which are known as Ijaab and Qubool, offer and acceptance, where the man says in the past tense, ‘ I have taken you in my marriage’, and she replies, ‘ I have accepted’. This must be in the past tense.

Another condition is that this must take place in front of two male witnesses, who are sane, mature and Muslim. If not two males, then one male and two females would be sufficient, and again all the same conditions of sanity, maturity and being Muslim apply.

Also, a dowry must be paid which is approximately 10 Dirhams, (?30) minimum.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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