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Can you recommend a good qari in East London who can teach me Quran recitation?

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assalamualaikum mufti saaab
i c a question about quran recitation and i eel just like the sender of that email i also want to learn quran recitation but i can not go out of london have u any knowledge of good qari in london i live in east london and am a family man this is what prohibits me from leaving my house maybe i would like to go to sum1 that can teach me in there free time do u know any good qari from east london who has knowledge of saba qiraah plz answer me back urgently would like to start qirat study soon as possible possible name number where i can meet good qari barakallah feek

Bismihi Ta’ala

It is very encouraging to see your devotion to the Qur’an with all the other commitments of every day life.

There is a fantastic Qari, namely Qari Shu’aib, who is the Imaam of Masjid Umar on Queens Road, Walthamstow, E17.

He is qualified in Sab’ah Qiraah and possesses a sanad (certificate/authoritative chain) in this field. He has also taught me and some of the Ulamaa affiliated to this site, the art of Qiraa’ah. A very disciplined Qari indeed.

I do have his phone number but haven’t acquired his permission to display it on the site. As you have stated, you live in East London so I dont think it would be difficult for you to reach him.

May Allah give you success in your ambitions.

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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