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what is the ruleing if a husband and wife make love duing the wifes period, thinking that she has finised only to start her period again the next there a special repent they must do.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Bismillahir rahmaanir rahim.

Nabi SAW has said : Whoever has intercourse with a woman during her period or sodomizes a woman or goes to a fortune teller and believes him, has committed disbelief (ie. if he regards any of these actions as permissible). (Abu Daud)

Having intercourse with one’s wife during her menses is regarded as a major sin. However, due to it being a mistake (in thinking the menses has stopped), the sin will be overlooked but sincere repentance has to be made and caution should be exercised in future.

And Allah knows best.


Binti Zahari

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