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Can the father-in-law enter his son’s house without permission or when his son is not home?

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i would like to know if the father-in-law is allowed to enter his sons house when his son is not at home and without the permission of the daughter-in-law?

Bismihi Ta’ala

Islam is a religion in which the rights and privacy of every individual are preserved and protected in all aspects of life. From health and wealth issues to privacy inside ones own home, Islam has laid down fundamental principle for all walks of life. Islam hasn’t left darkness in any area of life. Likewise, the beauty of Islam is such that it has laid down certain guidelines and principles for the social and moral well-being of the society. From amongst those principles is, that one must not enter the house of any other person without seeking permission from the people therein. This is for the best of society. Allah Ta’ala has laid down these principles in numerous verses of Surah Nur in the Holy Qur’an. Thereafter, the laws pertaining to Hijaab are revealed. All of these together sum up the fact that every individual is entitled to his or her privacy without it being violated or invaded.

In the above-mentioned case, it is totally incorrect for the father in law to enter his sons home without the permission of the son or his wife. Being the father in no way entails the right to invade his privacy. The laws of Isti’zaan (seeking permission when entering a person’s home) will apply to him also. Especially when the son is not in the house. It is highly immoral to walk in without permission. It could be that the daughter in law is not dressed appropriately. After all, she is surrounded by the four corners of her own home and wouldn’t be dressed as modestly as she would if she was out of the home. At times, women dress freely around the home so they can easily perform the household duties. It is highly immoral and indecent for the father in law to see his daughter in law in this state.

Kindly request him to seek permission with patience and wisdom.

May Allah help you.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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