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Is astrology allowed in Islam?

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I am very confused about a personal matter and wanted some clear guidance. I have been having so many problems in getting marriage proposals and if i did get proposals people never got back to my family. Then I had english registry with a guy 13 months a go but now I am in process of filing for annulment as i never lived with him. I am so down at present and because of this i called on of the asian channels on tv who tell you about your situation/future according to stars. The man said I should have my birth chart made and should change my name too as this is the cause and if i don’t change my name I will continue to have problems in my life. Is astrology permitted in Islam? My name is Sarah, is this suitable name as it is spelt in english way? Also, does names have an affect on a person’s personal life? What is a birth chart and again is it Islamic?
Can you suggest something which I can read? as i am very confused and upset right now.
Many Thanks


Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem
Al Jawaab Billahit-Tawfeeq

Respected sister

The name “Sarah” pronounced “Saarah” in Arabic is a perfectly good name. It was the name of the wife of prophet Ibrahim (AS). Not only is changing this name not required but it would also be disrespectful believing that this is the cause of difficult times.

While names can have an affect on a person, this name “Sarah” is virtuous. If you are called “Ser-rah” with the English pronunciation then it is recommended you correct as much as possible but this is not an important factor in this case.

Fortune-telling is forbidden in Islam and holds no value in its results. It is neither heavenly, spiritual nor scientific. It is merely a farce where the weak are exploited. There are clear warnings in Ahadeeth about those who seek it, give it, listen to it or participate in such things where their Salaah will not be valid for forty days and in another narration where the guilty have disbelieved in what was revealed to the messenger of Allah. Please see http://www.muftisays.com/qa/question/2221/those-who-tell-us-our-presentfuture.html

Please see similar answers on names such as http://www.muftisays.com/qa/question/35/answered-keeping-any-name.html

A good practise would be to perform Salat Al-Hajah – the prayer of needs

And Allah knows best

Maulana Muhammad

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