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How to deal with unintentional thoughts and the ruling on intention behind a signature?

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Aslaam Alaikum I have some questions relating to the same topic. I firstly like to apologise about the length of the question. Please reply.

1) I am suffering from very bad waswasa of divorce thoughts lately, which come to me without my will or intention. Because i am suffering from waswasa everything i say becomes a real struggle of the mind. If i say something to anyone or read quran or a book, something in my head makes me believe that i am saying these things to my wife. For example i might be getting angry towards my brother but something in my mind makes me believe that i am saying these words to my wife. Or if I have a book or papers or clothes in my hand and something in my head makes me feel that there is a metaphor on there and makes me feel there is intention. What do I do? please tell me how to solve this problem of unintentional thoughts? Everytime I talk or write, something makes me feel that there is intention, but in reality I have no intention. I am struggling. BECAUSE OF THIS CONDITION I FEEL THERE IS A LACK OF SELF CONTROL IN ME AND I AM SCARED THAT BECAUSE OF THIS I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO CONTRO!L MY INTENTIONS AND MY THOUGHTS, WHAT DO I DO?

2) At one point I was at my in-laws and I was standing by the door waiting for my wife. My sister in law asked me if I was going, it was just a general/normal question. At first I didn’t reply because of these thoughts, because they make me feel that I am aiming it towards my wife, but really I have no intention. So she asked me again and I said ‘yes/yeah’. At that moment something in my head made me feel that I am saying ‘yes/yeah’ to divorce. But really I have no intention and I don’t intend to. I would like to know what the ruling would be IF there was intention in saying of ‘yes/yeah’ to a normal general question as explained, would that count?

3)If someone writes just their signature with intention (in their mind) on plain paper or a business contract or a document or a general printed paper sitting on a table with possible metaphors printed on, would that count? No verbal speech is spoken or anything written by them self or given except the writing of the signature

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem
Al Jawaab Billahit-Tawfeeq

Respected brother

Re: 1)
It seems though there may be unsettled issues with your wife which makes you feel this way. Anyone who loves their wife dearly without any issues cannot be affected by Waswasah of this kind. If there are issues, it would be best to resolve the issues that might be causing this. Waswasah is from Shaytaan, therefore, general advice would be to increase in Istighfaar, Ta’awwuzh. Recite Suratun Naas with the intention of fighting these doubts.

Re: 2)
No it would not count if there was no intention of divorce. Doubts that occur afterwards are from Shaytaan.

Re: 3)
No this would not count. Signing a blank paper is opening yourself to fraud so this should not be done anyway. As for metaphors, if the metaphors are intended to mean divorce and it is signed then divorce takes place even if it is not said. However, sentences which are nothing to do with you and your marriage such as a business contract can have no effect on your marriage unless there was clear intention that you are divorcing your wife while signing anything. Please also read http://qa.muftisays.com?3463

And Allah knows best

Maulana Muhammad

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