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assalam alakum,
i like to know if somwbody bought house on loan and isstill unpaid and now decide to go for hajj is it right or wrong ,or he has to pay his loan first and then go hajj,please advice


Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah’s guidance)

If he is in debits that are interest related then it is compulsory for him to clear of this curse immediately before proceeding for hajj. If under this circumstance he does go for hajj the hajj will be valid, but on account of him being involved in this curse of interest his hajj may not be endorsed with acceptance by Allah Ta’ala, though it is valid. i.e.. he will be absolved of his obligation.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best.

Moulana Qamruz Zaman
London, UK

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