Unable to perform wudhu and fajr due to illness

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Q: My issue is that I have been suffering from major depressive disorder, panic attacks and anxiety since few years, I have also been seeking multiple treatments from Psychiatrists, Homeopaths etc. However over the years my behavioural disorders has progressed and the situation has gotten very complex, I am seeking a fatwa for 2 major issues which affect my obligatory worship and what should I do in this condition.

a. My first issue is not being able to offer Fajr prayers as I am also suffering from a sleeping disorder despite being on 2 tranquilizers I have to go bed at 10 pm. If I delay further my situation worsens similarly I cannot force myself to wake up at an appointed time and I usually get up around 7 AM, then after getting up I offer Qaza of Fajr, I have tried forcing myself but It leads to dizziness, confusion, mild seizures and trembling.

b. My second issue along with many other issues of abnormality is usage of water. Since my condition has worsened, my immunity has dropped and I regularly catch cold and flu every other week which gets very severe and occasionally leads to fever and even more weakness that too when I am not using water, I have tried again and again to use water for bath and ablution but I end up with extensive sneezing, cold and bouts of flu. Am I Allowed to perform Tayammum in this condition for achieving cleanliness and ablution till this condition remains? Similarly I can’t remain for long in an airconditioned environment and end up with the same above problems.

Having mentioned the above 2 issues, I am also looking to seek further treatment in order to get the above issues resolved In Sha Allah, however meanwhile I need to know what should I do. I get different opinions from different people which further confuses and stresses me out.

Further in this condition, I also suffer from muscle weakness, eating disorder and severe digestive issues. I also request you to sincerely pray that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala heals me and my condition gets normal also kindly advice me if I can seek any kind of cure through Quran or Duas as I am also Hafiz of Quran. 


A: When it becomes difficult for you to make wudhu and reliable experienced physicians also advise you not to make wudhu then make tayammum. The day your eyes open for Fajr just read small surahs in the salaah and sleep away.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

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