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Please provide Fatwa about Ghulam Ahmed Pervez

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

AOA. Please provide Fatwa about the people who deny Hadith as an authentic source for Islamic Law and Belief. Also please provide Fatwa about Ghulam Ahmed Pervez. Please suggest any good Urdu or English books on this topic or any internet articles/links. Jazakallah.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that according to the unanimous opinion of the Ummath e Muslima, the confident source after Qur’an e Kareem in constructing Islamic Law and Shar’i Rulings is Ahadees e Mubaraka, and, on the contrary, as a matter of fact, Qur’an e Kareem can neither be explained as it is actually is, and nor is it possible to practise accordingly without the help of Ahadees e Mubaraka. In other words, refutation of Ahadees in fact is refutation of Qur’an e Kareem itself which is manifest misguidance and going astray.
As for Ghulam Ahmed Pervez and his followers, they refute Ahadees from one side and on the other side they present incorrect explanations and wrong elucidations on most of the injunctions of Qur’an Shareef such as Namaz, Saum, Haj etc. etc., in such a way that falls in the category of distorting Qur’an Shareef. Therefore, Ghulam Ahmed Pervez and his followers are out of the fold of Islam due to their incorrect doctrines and perceptions.
Following books could be of assistance in this subject.
The Authority of Sunnah -English-
Hujjiyyath e Hadees -Urdu-
(Both of these books are authored by Mufthi Thaqi Usmani Sahib)

Kithabath e Hadees Ahd e Risalat o Ahd e Sahaba me -Urdu- (Mufthi Rafi Usmani Sahib)
Inkaar e Hadees ke Natha’ij -Urdu- (Sheikhul Hadees Moulana Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Safdar Sahib-Rah-)
Thadween e Hadees -Urdu- (Moulana Munazer Ahsen Geelani Sahib -Rah-)
Fitna e Inkar e Hadees -Urdu- (Unanimous Fatwa of All the Ulemas)
Fitna e Inkar e Hadees -Urdu- (Mufthi Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanwi Sahib -Rah-)

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