I want to know if I like any male person that is right or wrong

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I want to know if I like any male person that is right or wrong? May I pray for him, Would I like to marry with him should I pray to him to Allah or not.
Every day I belive on Allah but I dont know why he recall on my mind.


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Alhamdullilah, we are very pleased to see your great enthusiasm and quest to learn from theUlama. This is a sign of Taqwa (Allah consciousness) which you perceive within yourself. We makedua to Allah Ta’ala that he increases you in Taqwa and grant you steadfastness on DeenAmeen

It is a natural instinct of man to be inclined towards the opposite gender. When Allah Ta’ala had created Hadhrat Adam Allaihi Salaam, he was alone and he felt emptiness in his life so he askedAllah Ta’ala to create a partner for him through which he could gain peace and solace.

There is no harm in having inclination towards a male for purposes of marring him. However any type of contact with him is not permissible.

We make Dua to Allah Ta’ala that He saves you from the evils of shaitaan, and He accepts you for the service of his Deen and grants you a pious (Allah Conscious) husband, who would be the coolness of your eyes. Aameen

And Allah Ta’ala knows best
Mufti Luqman Hansrot
Fatwa Dept.

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