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Q. I work in an area near a masjid where a certain Islamic organization has taken over and put a new imam from Pakistan. I have heard that his ‘Aqeedah is questionable and brothers go there for Zuhr and Jumuah salaah. I have also heard that you (DU) has issued a fatwa against praying behind this imam, so can you please clarify the matter and publish the fatwa on the web site if this be the case.

A. With respect to the Aqeedah (beliefs) of this Imam, we did not have discussions with him, and hence, we do not know of his Aqeedah. However, based on our knowledge of his actions, we know that he practices such customs that have been condemned as Bidah (innovations) by the great jurists of Islam from the former and latter times. These jurists have clearly stated that performing Salaah behind such a person is Makrooh, and Muslims must avoid such situations. The full explaination and the references of the great Hanafi jurists have been given and have been posted on our site. Many Muslims continue to ask questions which we answer. However, we are unaware of who is guilty of matters that are attributed to them. So, specifically we cannot say that we have issued a fatawa against this Imam, or any other Imam, or even an ordinary Muslim. We deal strictly with the guidelines of Islamic knowledge and give answers based on the same. So, those who are guilty of violating the teachings of Islam, or have innovated matters on Islam must fear Allah and correct their actions. If anyone falls into this category, then he is blameworthy on account of the teachings of Islam, not on account of our Fatawa.

On our part, we simply answer questions, and are not aware as to who are the questioners or who are ones asked about.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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