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Q. My question is about people who use jinn’s for the purpose of healing illness, etc, etc. I am totally against it. Isn’t that shirk? A lot of Muslims claim they have the power to use them to help people. Am I right or wrong, should I advise my family members not to indulge in that?

A. Using jinns for healing illnesses etc. etc. is not from the teachings of Islam. The Prophet (SAS) has given duas for every occasion and has also mentioned verses of the Holy Quran which are effective in repelling evil. Many scholars have mentioned that it is not permissible to use the jinns for one’s services. Instead, one can use verses of the Quran to remove evil, and for gaining relief from sicknesses etc.

As for shirk, this will only occur if one believes that besides Allah, the jinns have the power and ability to remove harm and bring benefit to an individual. Shirk will also occur when one makes a claim or expresses to others that he knows the future and the unseen things. Statements that are made regarding the occurrence of future events like birth, death, calamities, benefits, harms etc. also fall under the category of shirk. If one who uses a jinn does any of the above then his act will amount to shirk.

As for those who may use a jinn, but do not make such statements (as above) and their belief in Allah is firm and sound, then their use of a jinn to help people who are affected with evils, will not amount to shirk. However, the best is that one uses the verses of the Holy Quran and duas of the Prophet (SAS), instead of jinns.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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