Three divorces in one sitting.

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net
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Q. We Muslims believe that three talaq in one sitting is three according to quran and sunah, how do we give an answer to a non muslim in a logical manner that he is convinced with it?

A. No matter what you do, non Muslims may never accept what a Muslim says. As such, you should not be affected if you cannot convince them of anything. They are not even convinced that Allah, the one True God is the one who supposed to be worshipped alone, when this is the case, then what else can they be convinced off. Allah himself says about their conduct in the Holy Quran, ‘And when it is said to them, ‘Bow’ down (in prayer), they do not bow down’. ‘Woe that day to the Deniers’ ‘Then in what statement after this will they believe’. (Quran 77: 48-50)

The gist of this verse, is that when the unbelievers do not even believe in Allah and they do not bow to him in worship, then what else would they believe in?

With respect to the issue of giving three divorces in one sitting, it is a very easy one for a logical mind to understand. The reason is that every sane and adult person is conscious of what he says. Hence, his speech is always accepted to be what he has uttered. If a sane person conveys a message to someone then it is readily accepted. If he brings information to another person, this is also accepted from him. Similarly if he confesses to another person that he owes him $100.00, this is also accepted as he says, and a demand will be made for the $100.00 and nothing less. The point that is established in this explanation is that, whenever a sane and adult person says something or makes a confession, it is normally accepted by all that what the individual has mentioned is exactly what he means. It is highly improbable that a person would utter a statement or quote a number which is opposite to that which he really wants to say. As such, you would not find an individual who says to another ‘I promise to give you three cars’ and then gives him one car, saying that he meant one, even though he said three. No one would accept this explanation from the promissor. In fact, every one would say to him, ‘you, said three, and you did not say one. Hence, you must fulfill your promise by giving three’.

It is therefore understood that when a man utters a statement, he has a meaning to it and what he expresses with the tongue, conveys the message of his intent. Hence, although he could have given one divorce to end his marriage, he went beyond that by pronouncing it for a second time and then for a third time. This action of his shows a clear intent of bringing an immediate end to his marriage. When the individual himself confesses that he uttered three divorces, then it would be as he says.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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