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As Alaamu Alaikum


  1. I am a woman. After completing my university studies, I want to take a job outside home in an office and work there. I will not work out of compulsion or because I need money, rather I will work for using my qualification and spending my time doing a job. My father said he does not have any problem with it. Can I work maintaining the rules of hijab?
  2. Also nowadays in every workplace, there are men and women. I will not have any informal and unnecessary talk with men, rather I will talk to them only when it is necessary. Can I work in such a place following the rules of modesty and hijab?

 Wa Alaikum As Salaam


Bismillahi wa billahi at Tawfeeq

  1. The Shariah has given a woman the right to earn her own income irrespective of anyone providing for her or not.

To properly answer your question we have taken the following into consideration.

  • Shariah desires for a woman to remain in the confinements of her home and look after the domestic affairs.
  • Modesty is an essential part of our Deen. More so, for a woman.
  • However, it is also true that Islam does not prohibit a woman from earning her livelihood.

Keeping these points in mind, the best thing for a woman would be to work from home so that she does not have to leave the confinement of her house. If she must leave the house, then such work should be taken which allows her to adhere to Shar’ee purdah. Alhamdulillah, there are many places nowadays that are sensitive to our religious sentiments and have no problems with women wearing the Hijab. However, it should be noted that hijab doesn’t simply refer to the clothing, rather it is a state of mind, it is demonstrating the shame and modesty that is required by the Shariah.

  • It will be impermissible for you to take up such work in which you are interacting with non-mahram males without a Shar’ee purdah. If you have to work in such an environment then you must not leave home without proper concealment.
  • Similarly, choose an employment which will limit your interaction, outside the house, to your work. Once your work is finished, return to your home.
  • Avoid socializing at the workplace. Also, do not intermingle with the opposite sex at the work. If your job requires you to deal with male customers, then limit your interaction to the level of necessity. You should do so while keeping your dignity and chastity.
  • Try your best to limit your solitary interaction with any non Mahram males as much as possible.
  • When speaking to them, deepen your voice slightly, so as to not make it feminine or alluring. We are not asking you to be rude to anyone, just keep conversations to necessity and devoid of any interest, as you yourself stated in your question.
  • Always keep your gaze in check and be conscious of Allah and His Deen.
  • Also negotiate your job description clearly from beforehand so that you do not have to compromise on your Deen at a later stage.

Fatawa Mahmoodiyah (19/184)

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And Allah knows best

Mufti Waheeb Saiyed


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