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What happens if Talaq is given 3 times?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Asalaamu Alaikum if a husband divorces his wife by saying talaq 3 times while being in an argument but later on during the day regrets what he said and don’t want the marriage break apart what does one do in a situation like this.

Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

By saying Talaq 3 times, he has broken the marriage with you, even though it was in an argument. With this the marriage has ended between both of you, and there is no allowance for him to revoke the divorce and take you back as his wife, nor will it be allowed for him to re-marry you upon the completion of your waiting period.

As mentioned in the Holy Quran, if both of you wish to come back as husband and wife, then you must first marry to someone else in a new marriage contract and consummate the marriage. If in that marriage, your husband divorces you or he passes away, then after completing your waiting period, you can return to your first husband through re-marriage.

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan


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