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Q. My name is Zartashia Hussain. I am 30 years old. Recently I have come to know from one of the islamic websites that Zartasht was a jamat of mushrikeen. As my name resembles a lot with the word Zartasht, though not exactly the same but seems very close to it, I am much worried about my present name. Is it correct Islamically or not? Should I change my name or let it remain the same?

A. Zartasht means Zoroaster and Zartashti is a Zoroastrian.

Zoroaster was a 6th Century B.C Persian religious Teacher.

Zoroastrian is a follower of Zoroaster’s religion (or Zoroastrianism).

Zoroastrianism is an Iranian religion based on shirk and was founded 600 B.C by Zoroaster.

This religion is based fully on shirk (or polytheistic beliefs) and is the religion of the Fire- worshippers.

Your name is connected to this religion and to its founder and is not appropriate for a Muslim. I therefore, strongly urge you to change this name.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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