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Can a baby shower be done?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

What’s the Maslah on baby Showers?

Wa Alaikum Assalaam,

In reality, a ‘baby shower’ is the term given for an occasion where ladies come together to meet the expectant mother and bring along gifts for the newborn or the mother. In essence, there is nothing wrong with this as long as it is free from Un Islamic practices and behavior, and it is not done for the sake of following the customs of the unbelievers.

As such, if the expectant mother invites sisters to come together at her place, and they bring gifts for the newborn and spend time with the mother, it will be permissible with the above conditions.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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