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Should I wear ihram while menstruating?

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I am going for Hajj on the 11th of Nov, but I will be in the middle of menstruation, what should I do, a) Shall i wear the ihram ? b) After reaching Mecca I will be in the same state, how will I open my Ihram without doing tawaf and sayee. c) if after getting cleaned shall I have to go to mikat again, wear ihram and make neeyat again or just wear the ihram from the hotel and do tawaf and sayee. Please instruct me as I have read several books and articles but cannot get a satisfactory answer.


(Fatwa: 1796/L=487/tl=1431)

If you intend for hajj-e-tamat’to, you should wear the ihram of umrah before boarding the plane without performing nafl salah after having a bath and remain in the same state in Makkah. It is better to stay back in the room. If ever you wish to visit Haram then you should go up to Safa and Marwah through the exterior way of Haram and you must not enter in the mosque. When you are paak (clean), perform the rituals of umrah and during these period keep on avoiding the prohibited acts of ihram. If you did not find the chance to perform umrah after you turned paak and time of departure to Mina (for hajj) arrived, take off the ihram of umrah and wear the ihram of hajj i.e. without offering nafl salah by performing wudhu or ghusl make the intention for the ihram of hajj. And in this state keep on performing all the hajj rituals except tawaf and sa’i, and postpone them till you are paak. Later on, you should perform new umrah in place of the umrah whose ihram you took off.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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