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Taking Name of Person for Qurbani

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Q: 1. Prior to slaughter of the qurbani animal is it a pre-condition that the animal be allocated to its owner by name, who has paid for qurbani to be performed on his behalf?
2. At the time of slaughter is it a condition to take the name o,r if it is a large animal, names of the person[s] on who’s behalf the qurbani animal is been sacrificed?

A: 1) Prior to slaughter it is not a condition that the animal be allocated to its owner by name. However, for administrative purposes the organizers may wish to do this, but it does not affect the qurbaani.

2) At the time of slaughtering a qurbaani animal it is necessary for the slaughterer to have in his intention the name of the person or persons for whom the qurbaani is being done. This intention does not have to be said verbally; it can be made in the mind only, on behalf of the person for who he is slaughtering. For example: “I intend making qurbaani of this animal for Abdullah, Zaid or Bakr”, etc. However, if the animal was brought to the slaughterer by its owner or owners, with the instruction to slaughter it, then the slaughter does not have to mention the owner’s name. It will suffice to make just the intention of Qurbaani.

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