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Dripping Urine Problem

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askmufti.co.za
Q: I have a problem of excess urine. After urinating, drops of urine keep comes out till an hour and also few drops of urine come out if I try to control urine for a long time and all these urine drops come out without my knowledge, I only knew about it when I look at my private part. Because of this I put separate piece of cloth in my underwear all the time. I am having deep trouble in performing Salat because of this illness.

In the past, 1 hour 15 minutes before prayer time I used to go to the toilet and after urinating I put separate cloth in my underwear so it can suck the urine drops and after 1 hour when the prayer time comes I remove the filthy cloth from my underwear and perform Wudhu and go to the Mosque. But in few incidents when I reached home from Mosque and looks at my private part I saw drops of urine coming out. This makes me very distrubed as I do not know when the urine drops comes out, whether during Salat or on my way to home and if they comes during Salat then my Salat will also be invalid and it also makes the Mosque ground filthy as well.

I am not an excused person (Mazoor) as I have enough time to perform Salat in my home individually without being disturbed by my urine problem as time taken in performing Salat alone takes less time then in performing in Mosque.
Is it possible for me to perform Salat individually because of my urine problem? And if it is allowed then how can I perform Salat of Jumma and Eid?
Three more questions I want to ask regarding Ghusl (purification bath). I know that Ghusl has three compulsory steps (i.e. puting water in mouth, nose and rest of body parts) and I want to ask if Ghusl was obligatory over me and I started Ghusl by putting water on my body and only some part of my body was wet then urine drops come out or I broke wind, so in both cases do I have to only put water in the dry part of my body and mouth and nose only and my Ghusl will be valid, or do I have to start putting water again to my wet body parts then to rest of body, mouth and nose?
Second question is that after urinating when drops of urine were coming out and I go for Ghusl and perform its compulsory steps then will my Ghusl be valid? Remember drops of urine were coming out since beginning till end of my Ghusl.
Third question is what breaks Ghusl?
I am very troubled by this issue.

A: Since you are not a ma’zhoor (excused person) and since there is time enough for you to offer at least the four faradh of salaah, we advise that you offer only the faradh salaah in the musjid and read the sunan at home, till you recover from this problem. For the sunnan you shall have to make a fresh wudhu. If there is any doubt as regards urine flowing during the faradh salaah, it will be a cautionary measure to repeat wudhu and the faradh rakaats.

Do not be concerned about soiling the musjid, for a tissue paper placed in the underwear will absorb any drops that may flow. In fact, even without a tissue, urine drops will not fall onto the ground if one is wearing underwear. However, you shall need to change your underclothing regularly.
For Jumu’ah salah, follow the same advice given above. Only offer the faradh in the musjid. If you arrive early and feel the need to repeat wudhu, do this before the khutba begins. Here too, if you feel strongly that drops had emerged during the Jumu’ah salaah, then repeat four rakaats faradh of thuhr upon returning home, because thuhr is the substitute for Jumu’ah salaah. Also note that you must only act when you have strong doubts. Doubts that are not strong must be ignored.
For Eid salaah, if you feel wudhu has broken and there is no facility to make wudhu then you are allowed to make tayammum.
Answer to the question 1 and 2 regarding ghusl:
Flowing of urine drops does not break ghusl nor does it disrupt the completion of ghusl. So in the cases you described, simply carry on with your bath as normal. However, when you have finished your ghusl, make a fresh wudhu because the drops break wudhu. They do not break ghusl.
As regards factors that break ghusl, these are:
Sexual intercourse even if no semen was discharged.
Discharge of semen in a wet dream (ihtilaam)
Moulana Nazeem Moosagie
Checked and approved by: Mufti Siraj Desai

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