Difference Between Mani and Mazi

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Q: When I talk to girls I lose semen (mazi or mani) I don’t know what. I want to know if Ghusul is Wajib on me in this situation?
A. Mani is a thick whitish liquid. If Mani emerges, Ghusl will become Waajib.

Mazi is a sticky transparent liquid which breaks Wudhu but not Ghusl.

Most probably Mazi is being secreted at the time of speaking to females. This is a sign of excessive lust and desire, something you need to learn to control. You should endeavour to make Purdah from females and avoid speaking to them. It disrupts the state of your cleanliness and is harmful to your Imaan. If it is absolutely necessary to talk to females, as for example in the course of business, then lower your gaze and keep your heart and mind clean to the best of your ability.

Moulana Yusuf Laher
Checked by: Mufti Siraj Desai

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