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Mother Refusing Hifz

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askmufti.co.za

Q: A brother wants to become a hafez but his mother refuses that he becomes one. What can be done?

A. To make a proper decision, we need to understand the reasons his mother has for refusing him.

Obedience to the mother is compulsory and Hifz of the Qur’aan is not compulsory on all. He should give preference to the wishes of his mother over something that is not compulsory.

He should enumerate the virtues of Hifz of the Qur’aan to her, also explaining the great benefits that she as the mother of a Hafiz will achieve; maybe this will encourage her to grant permission. He could also ask a learned person to speak to her on his behalf.

May Allah Ta’aala make it easy on both of them, Aameen.

Moulana Yusuf Laher
Checked by: Mufti Siraj Desai

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