I am a hindu boy age 23yrs & I has a few questions relating to Islamic practices & laws.

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Hello sir,
I am a hindu boy age 23yrs & I has a few questions relating to Islamic practices & laws.
I have regularly visited your website of “ask” & really appreciate the knowledge available there.
I am really in need of help & want help..please help me out..
I have very strong feelings for a shia muslim girl & realy want to marry her . I knew that I have to convert to islam in order to do that. Initailly that was the only reason I wanted to convert to islam but after learning about the religion, i am personally interested to convert & adopt the religion.Regarding this i had a few questions & i really need help from the right sourses.
1)I am an only child & 3 yrs ago my dad passed away.
When i convert & marry a muslim girl, both of us would want to follow Islam in the house, but how do i handle that with fulfilling my responsibilities towards my mother as she is my only family.
2)My mother is aware of the situation & is ok with me converting till a certain extend…is there any way i can explain to her about this?
3) the girl’s parents also know abt this but are completely against this relation even if i am ready to convert & follow the religion…please help us …is there any way to explain to them?
I am really in need ..please help me out…
 awaiting your reply..

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Salamun Ala Manittabal Huda (May peace be upon those who follow the straight path).

1.We welcome your email and appreciate your comments regarding the website. Please note the site is not active anymore. We have moved to one year ago.

We commend you for separating your interest in Islam from marriage. One should accept Islam on strong and sound grounds. You should study more about Islam and once you are convinces that Islam is the only religion accepted by Allah, you should enter the folds of Islam. The more you look into Islam with an honest heart, the more you will be satisfied and fulfilled. If you have any queries about Islam, you are welcome to email us. We will assist you in that.

2.Islam emphasizes on the rights of ones parents. The injunction of obedience to ones parents comes immediately after believing in the Oneness of Allah. It is immaterial if ones parents are Muslims or non-Muslims. It is compulsory for a Muslim to be respectful and humble to ones non-Muslim parents. If ones parents, Muslim or non-Muslims, are displeased with their child, that is the cause of the displeasure of Allah. In Islam, the mother’s role is three times more than a father. Our Prophet (May Peace be Upon Him) said, “Paradise lies beneath the feet of ones mother,” implying that ones eternal salvation lies in being respectful to ones mother. If you become a Muslim, it will be more important for you to care for your mother. Islam is a religion that promotes peace. You should endeavor for the peace and comfort of your mother. Consider the following prayer in the Quran for ones parents: “Oh My Lord, have mercy upon my parents as they showed mercy to me when I was small.

It is our opinion that if the girl’s parents are averse to you marrying their daughter and the girl is bound to her parents’ decision, then you should face reality and accept that. It is very possible that Allah has destined somebody else for you which may be better in your interest according to the infinite wisdom of Allah. You do not have to ruin your feelings behind someone which will not yield you any fulfilling response. Marriage is about peace and comfort. Look for a girl who can be part of your heart and life unreservedly. 

And Allah knows best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah

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