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Please describe that how much role destiny plays in our marriage. never came the proposal i have been praying for

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i need ur help I am in desperate condition i am 21 yr old female living in Pakistan but now in UK since June my parents are very worried about my wedding they just kept bringing proposals. i used to like a guy who got married , so I kept praying to Allah that he has not given me the person i loved but he now can give me a nice looking good man because Allah can do all. But never came the proposal for i have been praying for But i hope it will if Allah desires now i am in England my parents wanted me to study there and so do i as i was tired of my life in Pakistan just sitting for and waiting for people to come and see me i am tired. My parents now want me to come back. I need ur advice that should i go back and wait for my proposal to come or just stay here and study and work and keep praying to Allah To give me nice husband because if someone has to come he will surely come to UK too. Please helpand please pray to God for me and telll some dua which i can recite to full fill my hallal deires , i want to have sex i want tom do every thing but with only my husband i even had chances for doing wrong things i stoppped my self and keep beliving that the person i want willl marry me but know its been 6 years and i feel reallly weak for stopping my self and wishing to my desires being fulllfilled with the right person please help


Firstly, we wish to advise you that you should immediately return to your parents more especially if you are living alone, i.e. without any Mahram relatives in the UK.

Such an action is against the blessed teachings of the Shari?ah. However, you may continue living there if you are living with a Mahram. Thereafter, there are certain steps which you may follow and, Insha Allah, Allah will grant you a good husband. Make Mashura with your parents or some close relatives and express to them your desire to marry. Ask them to try and find a suitable partner for you.

Meanwhile, you should recite Salatul Haajat and engage in sincere Du’aa asking Allah to fulfil your needs. Also, try and keep as many fasts as possible. Indeed, it is from amongst the fundamental belief of a Muslim that he believes in Taqdeer (destiny) ? that what is meant for a person will most certainly be granted to that person. Also, keep up those spirits of fighting those evil thoughts and desires that are the handiwork of Shaytaan and the Nafs (innerself). Do not let Shaytaan and Nafs overpower you and mislead you to committing evil.

May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for you and may he grant you a suitable partner asap, Insha Allah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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