Is it possible to find out the sex of the unborn child,(ultra scan) during pregnancy?

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The possibility of any scientific calculation based on scientific advancements cannot be ruled out.

However, we should not place complete faith and certainty in the ultra scan because Allah Ta’ala says that only Allah has the knowledge of what is in the wombs. So, even if the ultra scan turns out to be correct, it is only through the permission of Allah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q: As part of the routine tests for a pregnant woman, gynaecologists suggest Ultrasound in order to monitor the health of the baby. The test also reveals the gender of the baby. Is it permissible to undergo the Ultrasound test and know the gender of the child?
A: According to our understanding, a sensor is placed on the abdomen of a female and the picture of the womb is reflected on the screen. If so, it is prohibited for a female to unnecessarily reveal her entire or part of her body to a male physician / gynaecologist. If the scan was conducted by a female, then it is not prohibited. As regards knowing the gender of the child through the scan, experience has revealed that the information is not always correct. That can be very disturbing to parents.
Q: How can we reconcile between the fact that an Ultrasound machine is able to reveal the gender of the foetus and the following verse of the Qur’aan, ?and (only) He (Allah) Knows that which is in the wombs.? (Luqmaan 31:24)?
A: Allah Ta’ala says in the noble Qur’aan that the knowledge of five things is only by Allah. Among them, one is, ?And He knows what is in the wombs.? (Luqmaan 31:24) The Arabic alphabet ?maa? is Ism Mo?sool (relative pronoun) which indicates generality (Umoom). The verse does not restrict the knowledge of Allah in respect to the foetus or any one aspect, e.g. gender and it is not confined to the condition of only one womb. It also includes the womb of every pregnant female. Surely, there is no machine that is able to reveal at once the condition of every pregnant female of the past, present and future till the day of Qiyaamat. That is certainly known only to Allah Ta’ala. Furthermore, the generality includes the actual time of being conceived, the different stages of the foetus and its consequences, miscarriage, etc., the faith of the child, being obedient or not, rich or poor, healthy or ill, life span, etc. All that is known only to Allah Ta’ala.

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