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Is is premissible to pluck the hairs inbetween the eyebrows?

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I did Istikhaara about a man I intend on marrying, the outcome was good, we are in no rush to marry, my question is whether it is permissible to carry out Istikharah again just to make sure? My other question is that u say it is not permissible to pluck the eyebrows, but only when the eyebrows are joined you are allowed to do so but someone told me that you are not allowed to do this and having a joined eyebrow brings good luck, is there any truth in this.


1) Mullah Ali Qari (R.A) has commentated that plucking of the facial hair is haraam (prohibited) for a woman with the exception of moustache or beard hairs, if any woman is unfortunate enough to be troubled by these. (Mirqaat Vol.8 Pg.295; Ashrafiyyah).
However, if the eyebrows have become so dense that it is unseemly for a woman and incites abhorrence in her husband, it is permissible to trim it to a more appropriate and normal size. (Ahsanul Fataawa Vol.8 pg.76; Zakariyya Book Depot)

2) If you made Istikhaara and you are confident in your decision of marrying the person, then there is no need to perform Istikhaara again. Obviously, you must have made the necessary investigations about the person’s character and conduct before performing Istikhaara and making a decision. If so, now place your trust in Allah and make Du’aa for a successful marriage. If you have substantial reservations about your commitment, then there is nothing wrong in performing Istikhaara again.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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