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My best friend is single…and she is in love with her uncle (dad’s brother) who is married and have 3 kids, he is 22 yrs. older then her. He is also interested in her.. they haven’t done much, just kissed n hugged etc. they are not planning to have any future together but they just can’t control themselves? What can I do to help them? are they commintting big sin? Will allah forgive them for that? any duaa she should read? can they be together? In Islam, are we allowed to get married to our uncle?? please reply soon! Thanks.


The relationship between an uncle and his niece is that of a mahram,
(prohibited in marriage). It is similar to the relation between a father and
daughter, mother and son, or brother and sister. Such a prohibition is
common in every religion and was and is well respected. The male mahram is
expected to protect the chastity and honour of his female mahram. A
relationship between Mahrams is abhorred to the extreme. Even animals abhor
such a relationship. You should apply wisdom and diplomacy in communicating
the above to your friend. In order to turn her mind away from her uncle,
you may convince her to marry and search for a compatible partner. She
should also severe every form of relationship with her uncle. If possible,
you may seek her permission and discuss the matter with her uncle. He also
needs to be counselled. Discuss with him the Fear for Allah, the importance
of the family unity, the consequences should his brother (the girl’s father)
know about the abuse etc, his personal responsibilities and honesty to his
wife and children. These are some points that may be discussed with your
friends as well. Since your friend confided in you, you should help her to
the best of your ability. After all, prohibiting and stopping and evil is a
duty of every Muslim.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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