I am university student and require help with some essays I have because certain books have not been able to help. Hope you can provide help

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This is the question I require help with… Jazakallah ”The day when the month of Ramadan begins every year, differs in each region. This has become a a major source of concern for Muslim scholars and confusion for the Muslim public, espcially those living in non-Muslim countries” Discuss the problem with a special reference to the role of hadith in deducing the rules regarding this matter. Please answer in as much detail as possible, Jazakallah.


You state you are a university student and require assistance for an essay regarding the beginning of Ramadhaan. I am not sure which aspect of the issue you are referring to? The following points follow a brainstorming process:

1. Specifically related to United Kingdom;

2. General / other countries

3. Different conditions of each country ? twilight, etc.

4. Causes of differences

5. Proof from Hadith.

6. Interpretation of Hadith in question;

7. How to interpret Hadith and its related sciences;

8. Opinions of jurists;

9. Discussion on jurisprudence and its related sciences;

10. Reconciliation between opinions;

11. Unity and the concept of unity.

If you are required to discuss the topic from Hadith and deduce the ruling from Hadith, it is expected of you to know, at least, the following: the types of Hadith ? Mutawaatir, Ahaad. The three categories of Ahaad ? Mash-hoor, Aziz and Ghareeb. Each one having a specific definition. These Ahaadith being further classified into Saheeh, Hasan, Zaatihi and ghayrihi.

It is also required of you to know the principles of adjusting Hadiths from one category to another based on Tawaabih and Shawaahid.

As far as sanads are concerned, the following is important ? muallaq, mursal, mu?dal and munqatih. The ten reasons for rejecting a hadith ? mawdhoo, matrook, munkar, etc.

In order to deduce rules from the hadith, the following knowledge is, at least, required. Is the hadith aam or khaas? Is it mutlaq or muqayyad? Is it mushtara or muawwal? Are the words of the hadith ? nass, zaahir, mufassar or muhkam. To what extent is their khifaa, khafi, mushkil, mujmal, mushtabih?

If the Muhadditheen and Fuqahaa differ in their approach, what will be done?

In my opening remark, I stated that I am not sure which aspect you are referring to. The above are only some points through a simple brainstorming process. Probably, the most important issue is to solve the problem. How will another essay achieve this?

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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