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Is Tamim Dari (r.a) the only person to have seen the dajjal? is this the same beast mentioned in the hadith of tamim dari (r.a)?.

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1) In a hadith it is mentioned that Tamim Dari (r.a) came across the dajjal when he got lost travelling with companions and also met a beast called jasassa on an island. This obviously means that the dajjal is locked in chains on some island physically present for at least the last 1400 years, with alot of islands still undiscovered is it possible yet another person could come across the dajjal before he is released? Is Tamim Dari (r.a) the only person to have seen the dajjal?, was Rasoolullah (SAW) ever shown the dajjal? 2) What is the role of the beast Jasassa? is it simply to guard the dajjal?, what do we know about this strange beast? 3) Why does the hadith mention the dajjal as being in the monestary, what is the significance of this and did this monestary exist before dajjal or was it just to contain dajjal? 2) The beast that is mentioned in hadith that will come after the sun rises from the west and will strike with the staff of musa(a.s) and the ring of sulaiman (a.s), is this the same beast mentioned in the hadith of tamim dari (r.a)?. 3) Is it true that some scholars regard the beast as being the young of the she camel of the prophet Salih (a.s)? 4) Is there any other narrations which mention characteristics or descriptions of this beast? and would this beast himself be judged on qayamat? 5) Are the names Shamaila, zara, zulaikah, sanam, sofia, sobia, permissible to keep? what do these names mean?


1. It is possible for those whom Allah Ta’ala makes it possible. Tamim Dari [ra] was with 30 companions and all of them had seen him. Nabi [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam] was shown Dajjaal, either in his dream or he was inspired with this vision (Kashf).

2. According to Imaam Nawawi [ra], it is named Jassaas as it keeps the secrets of Dajjaal. No other mention of it and its role has been mentioned in the Hadith.

3. The word in the Hadith is ?dair? which literally means a church or monastry of a worshipper [rahib]. According to Mullah Ali Qari [ra], it refers to a big building or palace (Qasr) just to contain him. We could not find further reference to it.

4. Comparing the description of both the Jassaasa and the beast, we can say that both are not the same.

5. We have not come across any narration of this kind.

6. Abu Hurayra [Radhiallaahu anhu] says that he will have every colour on him and between his shoulders is a journey of 1 Farsakh. Ali says that the beast has a beard, a tail, a beard. However, ibn Mas?ood [Radhiallaahu anhu] says that it is from the progeny of Iblees, Shaytaan, the accursed. Mulla Ali Qari [ra] writes that it will appear thrice. Firstly, during the period of Imaam Mahdi, second during the period of Eesa [Alayhis salaam] and third after the sun rising from the east.

7. Shamailah ? good traits; Zahra ? rose; Zuleikah ? wife of Yusuf; Sanam ? idol; Sofia ? could not find; Sobia ? could not find. The name Safiyyah can be kept in place of Sofia. It was the name of one of the wives of the prophet [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam].

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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