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Parents do not allow me to go in Jam’aat

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I am a baaligh Muslim male living in Pakistan. I feel that my Imaan is very weak. I may easily go astray with the Imaan I have. So I am in a great need of going in Jam?aat to learn the effort of Imaan. My parents are not allowing me. So will it be okay for me in this situation to go in Jam?aat even if parents are not allowing me?


Alhamudulillah, it is very heart-warming to see your great zeal and desire to strengthen your Imam and it is even more pleasing to see that before doing anything, you are enquiring the Shar’i ruling concerning it. The Elders of Tabligh always advise opening the door rather than breaking the door i.e..If you force your way out without the permission of your parents, they will be further distanced from this wonderful effort and in addition to that they will never give you the opportunity to go again. Instead you should , with love and sincerity, explain to them the benefits of going out, mention to them Kharghuzaris (reports) of the jamaats that have returned and how there lives changed. Inshallah, Allah will soften your parents hearts and open this effort to them.

However the ruling regarding you going out, without their permission is this: It is necessary for a person to learn the deen of Islam, regardless of which manner he adopts to learn it eg. Going to a Madrasah, joining the company of the pious or going out in jamaat.

It will be permissible to go out, as long as by going out , one does not cause harm to any of his fard responsibilities i.e. It will be his responsibility to leave ample provisions for his wife and children as well as for all other dependents, thus if his parents are dependent on him then he will have to provide for them before going. If his parents are such that they are very weak or sick, then he will have to make arrangements for someone else to take care of them in his absence. If there is no one else, and there is fear of harm coming to them by his leaving them, then he cannot leave them. However if they are not dependent on him or there is someone to take care of them, then he will have every right to go and they have no right to stop him. If they still don’t give permission, he will not be sinful if he goes against their wishes. (Fatawa Mahmoodiyyah Vol.14 Pg.112)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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