What is the techniq of meditation in islam? can one do it without woozo?

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In a lengthy Hadith known as Hadith Jibraaeel [Alayhis salaam], Rasulullah [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam] was asked by Jibraaeel [Alayhis salaam], ?What is Ihsaan?? Rasulullah [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam] answered, ?To worship Allah as though you are seeing Him. If you cannot do that, verily Allah is seeing you.?

In this Hadith, two aspects are mentioned, ?Mushaahadah? ? to worship Allah as though you see Allah ? and ?Muraaqabah? ? to worship Allah and know that He is seeing you. The equivalent of meditation is Muraaqabah. That gradually develops into a stage of Mushahadah. It is a matter of belief and conviction. One may adopt any efficient means to do Muraaqabah. One method is to take out some time and sit in isolation and ponder upon the verse, ?Don?t you know Allah is seeing you.?

Ponder upon the different aspects of life and conscientise yourself of the reality of Allah seeing you. There is no need to be in the state of Wudhu to do Muraaqabah. It is, however, advisable. One may also do Muraaqabah on death. Sit and ponder, and paint a picture of your own death in your mind. For example, you are in the throws of death and about to breath your last. Your wife is about to become a widow. Your children are about to become orphans. Relatives are informed about your death. Your body is lying on the ground. You are being taken for a bath and shrouded, your coffin is being taken to the Musjid for Janaza Salaat and finally proceed to the graveyard. Your body being lowered in the grave and finally the grave is being closed. People are reciting, ?minhaa khalaqnaakum??

Some near and dear one is reciting by your grave and finally all leave after paying respects to you. You are now being approached by Munkar and Nakir ? the two angels ? to question you on your faith. From this, your grave is either a garden of paradise or a pit of hell. This meditation will conscientise you of death, life after death and the reality of life.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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