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What to do if a person is telling lies to others about me?

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Assalamu Alaikum One of my sisters has told me that my other sister has said some things to her about me and my family. My sister told me exactly what the other sister has told her. But all the things that were said about me and my family are lies and I have been blamed for things i never did. My sister is telling lies about me to most of my relatives because they also told me what she said about me. The worst thing is that when she tells these lies to relatives, they all believe her. All her lies are very dangerous and these are causing my relatives to think negatively about my family. I have told the people who blamed me that everything my sister has told them is a lie. But they always take her side and argue with me that you have done these things and she is not lying. Even my mom believes my sister and doesnt believe me. I dont know how to get rid of her evil plans against me. Most of my relatives including my other sisters and mother don’t talk nicely to me and they also dont want to visit me anymore. Should I talk to my sister and tell her to stop spreading rumours about me? But I also fear that if I tell her to stop doing this, would she stop or spread these lies even more? Should I leave the matter to Allah Taala? What should I do if I tell her not to tell lies and still she keeps doing it? Jazakallah


It seems that your sister has a grudge against you.

Firstly, try and ascertain why she is hostile towards you and then try and
eradicate the factors leading upto this hostility. Thereafter, continue
advising her and explain the harm she is causing you. If your persistent
attempts fall onto deaf ears, just ignore the accusations as silence is the
best answer to fools.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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