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I saw a bad istikhara dream two years ago but still my family is confused, what to do please guide?

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I am highly confused about my marriage and trying to submitt my question for last few months today i got a chance. I m 33,male, live in Pakistan, and pray five times a day. I did istikhara for a girl who is my third cousin. I saw in istikhara dream that I jumped with the help of hanging swing/rope from my under construction house and came down, started walking towards ground infront of my house, and turned back and saw a fire on top of tree next to my house and I shouted?Save the house man!! It might burn?. Then walked furthur and saw a tent/camp and in which my mother was lying in a bad health and another identical twin women of my mother was doing her help (khidmat), I started crying to see her worst face condition and hugged her and started crying. When I woke up I was very upset. This dream is two year old but somehow we are still in the contact with that family and are not able to decide to leave this marriage option or not leave it. (Discussed with mother, sisters, father but all get confused some day and better the other day). Then my mother did istikhara for the same girl and in dream; she saw that my young neice is lost and mother is finding her in tension. The girl’s family has shown a disrespecting attitude always towards us and we are confused about future of marriage. My heart has negative and positive both feelings but even if I marry her reason will be because of no other choice is with me because of few caste restriction problems. What should I do?


It is clear from your email that the Istikhaara was not positive. Furthermore, you state the girl’s family has shown disrespect for your family.

It is strange that your family is still considering marriage with the girl. If you are not confident of marrying this girl, you should communicate this with your parents so that they may look for another suitable partner for you. Marrying her against your wish may be very detrimental to both parties.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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