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I wanted to asked about what a dream I had 3 times meant?

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I dreamt of a holy man(Islamic clothing and a long beard) showing me 2 doors. One which he opened and it was a beautiful sight and the other door when he opened it was hell fire. On the first dream he had told me I am to go in to the good door and the second dream he told me why do you keep going to the other door(that has hell fire).Well what was happening in my life during those dreams was that I wanted a divorce(my husband was arabic but did not pray and owned a beer and wine store) I have tried many times to help him in the right path but he doesn’t listen. And so then I decide to get a divorce. But every time I am about to go to the Imam and get the kulla my parents try to change my mind. But when I final went to the Imam to get the divorce. I had the same dream and the holy man tell me now I shall go into the good door. I was wondering that maybe when the man keep telling me to go into the good door that he meant getting this divorce because this man wasn’t a real muslim? please tell me what this dream means


You should exercise precaution in making a major decision of divorce. It is
irresponsible to base a decision on a simple dream as that could be a
reflection of your thoughts of leaving the marriage.

We advise you exercise precaution and make Istikhaara (seek Divine guidance)
before deciding any further.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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