Could you please tell me regarding the ruling of working in Dar Ul Kufr.

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Noted Haidth is that which metions that if u pass through a darul Kufr Pass it as quickly as possible….If such is the case then is it permissible to migrate and work in Darul kufr? Jazakallah


A place may be classified as Daarul Harb if the following conditions are found:
a) The government implements total un-Islamic law in the country, to such an extent that Muslims are not able to practice their religion freely.
b) This state is surrounded by other states with similar conditions (un-Islamic) and not surrounded by an Islamic state.
c) Peace and safety of Muslims is in danger. They may attacked at anytime, because of them being deprived of safety from the side of the government. (Shaami vol.4 pg.175; Karachi)

If the above criteria are fulfilled, a state may be called Darul Harb. However, in default in any of the conditions it may not be considered as Darul Harb, hence, all the laws pertaining to Darul Harb may not apply.

We are unable to comment on these queries, due to it being very intricate. Such issues should be discussed with other scholars and jurists before formulating an opinion.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best
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