miscellaneous Q’s – Can we do ‘miswaak’ during a fast?

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org

1) Can we do an ?istikhara? for the same proposal that we did about a year or two ago. (The ?istikhara? came negative then). What if it comes positive now, should we marry that person then? 2) Can we do ?miswaak? during a fast? (What if it has some bitter taste in it which we can atleast taste on the tongue. Is our fast still valid?) 3) I read the article ?Solo Sex (Male & Female Masturbation) from your Madrasah In?aamiyyah site. What I want to know is that why is female masturbation prohibited? (In the case of men, their semen is wasted and they also have to face some health problems etc. but what about females? What are the repercussions for females if they masturbate?) 4) Please tell me why a woman cannot get her hair trimmed? (What if she?d only get trimming done to straighten her hair every 6 months, and the length she gets cut is only about an inch or an inch-and-a-half. Why is it still wrong?) 5) I give print-outs of Islamic articles mainly from ?Madrasah In?aamiyyah site? or ?Albalagh?, to a madrasah (where I am studying fehmul-Qur?an) for their research and knowledge. Now sometimes I give them these articles without having studied them myself (although I?d most probably study them some time in the future). Am I committing a sin by doing this? (And what if I do not study an article at all and will not be able to study it in the future, and give it to them— is that a sin?)


1. You may perform a new Istikhaara and act accordingly.
2. To use a Miswaak during fasting is not only permissible but Sunnah as
well. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah vol 17 pg. 147)
3. Aayah no.6 of Surah Mu’minoon “Whosoever craves beyond that, they are
transgressors indeed”. This verse prohibits all forms of sexual deviancy.
Furthermore, there are numerous Ahaadith prohibiting masturbation that make
no distinction between male and female, such as “The one who weds his hand
is cursed”. Thus the spiritual repercussions for both sexes are equally
4. If there is a valid Shar’i or health reason e.g. Excessive hair loss, to
trim a minimal amount is completely permissible.
5. If one receives information from a reliable source, to pass it on without
studying it himself is not incorrect.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Bilaal Cassim