Ass. wr. wb. I heard some one said there are 12 branches of Jihad, and Qithal is one of them. Pleasekindly explain!wass. wr.w b.

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ass. wr. wb. I really want to know whether according to the condition of the ummah today, jihad is obligatory or not. Some people are ready for jihad, but they can’t even come to the masjid for 5 time shalat. Is this attitude correct? Are there actually a pre-requisite for jihad ? Aren’t we become a munafiq if we don’t answer the call of jihad? I also heard a hadith which narrate three kind of people which will be doomed to hell, and one of them is a mujahid who are not sincere.. is this hadith shahih or not? jazakallaahu for your clarification wass. wr. wb.


The word Jihaad literally means to make an effort. In Shariah it has a
general context as well as a specific context. In general it refers to
making an effort to fulfill all the orders of Shariah, salaah, fasting,etc.
Jihad in a specific context refers to a holy war fought under the order of
the leader of the muslims. There are great rewards for a mujahid, if he is
sincere. There is also warnings for a mujahid who is insincere, for example,
if he fights for self name and honour. To perform salaah is an independent
obligation and not a pre-requisite for the validity of jihad. Therefore, if
a person does not perform salaah, that is not an obstacle for him to
participate in jihaad. However, not performing salaah is a major sin.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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