Mufti Saheb, what do I do if I make salaam to a person in my family & never get a reply. I have always learnt as a Muslima that I should always make salaam to my brothers & sisters in Islam.

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A sister in law of my husband. (we live in the same home). is very moody by nature & does not reply to my greetings. For a week now she has stopped talking to me. (I don’t even know why not)! & also I dare not ask as she is going to put up an unnecassary performance! Do I carry on greeting her or should I stop. Is it true that you become a kaafir if you do not talk to a person for 3 days continuosly. I know that I did nothing to offend her & my husband says I should just ignore her & keep away from her. Is this right?


Allah Ta’ala says in the noble Qur’aan, ‘And a human being is a big

In view of the above, the disputing nature of mankind can never be ignored
(especially when being close to them). However, in dealing with people, it
is important to tolerate and overlook one another. Without tolerating and
overlooking life can become very miserable.

If your sister-in-law is moody, you should apply wisdom in communicating
with her. Allow her a few days for her moods to settle as greeting her in
that condition may aggravate matters. Allah knows your intention of wanting
to greet her but cannot due to circumstances. Not to greet and avoiding
Fitnah (trouble) is better than greeting and causing Fitnah. However, the
purpose should only be to avoid Fitnah and not to follow one’s Nafs.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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