I’m a Catholic and the man I love is Muslim if we marry and have children, what religion should the children be?

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I have read previous question and answers about Muslims marring non-Muslims. I am in love with a Muslim and we are will to get married. I have asked if it is expected for me to convert to Islam, and he tells me it is not necessary. As a Catholic now, I do not intent on converting my religion. I do have great respect for the religion of Islam. Maybe, after gaining knowledge about Islam I’ll decided to convert or not. What I want to know is if we marry and have children, what religion should the children be?


If you may marry the Muslim man in reference, the marriage will be valid.

The validity of the marriage does not depend on you accepting Islam.
However, we embrace the opportunity to advise you to gain more knowledge of
Islam now and revert to Islam before marriage. Apart from the great rewards
and benefits of accepting Islam, reversion will be conducive to maintaining
consistency between you and your family, husband and children as they have
to be reared as Muslims.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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