In one of the answers to your questions, you mentioned the prevailing madhabi principle of only taking ‘muttawatir’ issues into aqeedah and not ahad.

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My question is, Mufti sahab please explain in detail as to why is it that Khabar-ul-Ahad is not to be taken into the aqeedah matters but only used to derive ahkam shariah?


All the basic Aqaaid of Islam are mentioned in the Qur’aan itself, any need
for clarification being sufficed by the Ahaadith Mutaawaatir. Thus, leaving
no real need for admission of Khabar Ahad matters of Aqaaid.

This is aside from the fact that Khabar Ahad, containing elements of doubt,
cannot be used to define principles upon which the very fundamentals of
Imaan (belief) are based. Furthermore, Khabar Ahad, being open to difference
of opinion, if admitted into such matters could weaken the very foundations
of Aqaaid.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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